Q: What is the basic process of ordering a book from Kage Covers?
A: For Premade covers, just email us or fill out the contact form and tell us which order cover name  you like. Then describe what author name, title, any tag lines, and/or what small change you would like made. We'll respond with a sample of what you requested. After you receive a cover you approve, we'll send a Paypal invoice and then email you the finished product once payment is received

For custom covers, email us with your interest. We'll give you a timeline for when we can work on it. If that is approved, we'll send you a form to fill out so you can give us your vision of what you would like. Then we'll get to work and send samples and revise until we reach an agreement. The finished product will be sent as soon as payment is received. If you're not satisfied with any covers, you certainly don't have to buy any. You won't be charged for anything until you see a sample of exactly the cover you want.

Q: Is the cover I purchase exclusive for me?
A: Yes, the exact pre-made or custom cover you buy will not be sold again, however parts of stock images & fonts may be used again in other covers.

Q: What am I allowed to do with a cover once I purchase it?
A: Once purchased, you are free to use the image in any way you wish provided it's for advertising purposes. It is only allowed to be recreated 250,000 times though, according to image licensing agreements. HERE is a copy of the license agreement, if you'd like to read it.

Q: Where do the book cover images in Kage Covers designs come from?
A: At this time, we get our photo images along with a license to use them from Shutterstock.com and DollarPhotoClub.com. (we'll list more when we start using more!) Feel free to go into Shutterstock or Dollar Photo Club and look for an image you want. If you find something, just reference its image ID number and we'll be able to find it!

Q: How can I get a certain font used on my cover?
A: If there’s a specific font you want used, just tell us its name and we’ll see if we can find it (we usually can!). If you only have a vague idea, you can browse through the fonts we already have HERE for an exact or close match. You can also go to fontsquirell.com or myfonts.com to find it. If you have a picture of the font but don’t know what it’s called, http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ may be able to help, but it’s not one hundred percent accurate.

Q: I want a very specific color used in my cover. How do I get you to get it right?
A: All we need for an exact color match is for you to tell us that color’s 6-character html color code. If you have no idea what its color code is, you can go to either http://www.colorpicker.com/ or http://html-color-codes.info/ to pick out your special color from those charts. Of if there’s a color from another book cover or image you want to copy, you can follow these instructions HERE to figure out what its html color code is.

Q: What are things you cannot change in a Premade Cover?
A: Big Changes like different background, different models. And we can't alter things in a picture. I mean, we might not know how. But we're learning more every day!

Q: What kind of information do I need to give when ordering a Full Sleeve Cover?
A: To get the correct template from CreateSpace to create the correct size of picture for a print cover, we'lleventually need to know :
 -INTERIOR TYPE (Black and White, Black and White with Bleed, Full Color, Full Color with Bleed).
 -BOOK SIZE (examples : 5" x 8", 5.5" x 8.5", 6"x9", etc.)
 -Will your interior pages be WHITE or CREAM colored?

Q: How do I pay for a Kage Cover?
A: Payments are made through Paypal only.

Will there ever be extra charges on anything?
A: There might be additional costs on custom-made projects. If your cover goes over the 3-image limit, each stock image added thereafter is $20 per picture, unless you find a stock image you want used from a different source (and then the price might possibly be higher). But all additional charges will be discussed and approved by both parties before that happens!

Q: How do I contact a cover artist?
A: Contact us through email at:

covers(at)LindaKage(dot)com or

Linda(at)LindaKage(dot)com or


If you don't receive a response within 72 hours, please try again.

Any other questions?
A: Feel free to ask!

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